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Tubbed is the search for the optimal concrete mixture to make furniture. During this process of trial and error, countless mixtures are made. Instead of leaving the excess concrete for waste, Luuk van Vliet uses it to make table tops. The result is a series of side tables in which every piece is unique: from smooth surfaces to rugged and porous textures, from solid colours to spots and quirky patterns.

The pursuit of making strong yet light concrete furniture is similar to a chef looking for the perfect recipe. It means searching for the best ratio between ingredients (sand, cement, water and other additions). Besides this optimal ratio, ‘Tubbed’ is an experiment with colour. By adding pigment and mixing it in different ways, Luuk van Vliet expresses concrete’s fluid form before turning solid.

While ‘Tubbed’ tries to find and push the boundaries of concrete, it stays close to its traditions and tools. A tub is commonly used for mixing concrete. In this series the tub becomes the mould in which the concrete is cast. Likewise, the legs are made from rebar: a material traditionally used to reinforce concrete. These rebar legs have been placed in specific angles in order to provide a stable structure while keeping its appearance light.