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This piece is part of a furniture collection inspired by structural efficiency. The wire elements in the legs have been placed in specific angles in order to provide a stable structure while keeping its appearance light. The dimensions have been carefully chosen so that it can be used as a stool and as a side table.


As with all Luuk van Vliet products, this stool is completely hand-made in his workshop in the Netherlands. The idea for the material for the legs emerged after discovering scrap pieces of rebar that were leftover at a concrete factory. Rebar is a steel bar that is originally used to reinforce concrete. It is a very strong material and its ribs provide the side table a distinctive appearance. In order to make the legs, the scrap pieces are laid out onto a mould that keeps them in position as they are welded together. The legs are then finished with a black powder-coating and the bottom of the legs are covered with a felt layer to prevent damaging the floor. The seat is made of beech wood (with FSC certification) and has a clear varnish finish